Zigmund online: Online counseling for psychology. Detailed review.

by Anna Kazakova
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Zigmund online is a site where you can get professional help from experienced psychologists. The main function of the brand is to bring back the joy of life to those people who, for whatever reason, have lost it, are confused about themselves, have been psychologically attacked by others, or have experienced a difficult event in life and cannot cope with their condition alone. But that's not all. On the site Zigmund online you will find a huge amount of interesting and useful information about psychology, informative articles, psychological tests and more. But first things first.

Home Page

On the home page of the Zigmund Online website you will see several tabs: "Approaches in Psychotherapy", "Tests", "Blog", "Psychologists". In addition, in the upper right corner you will find buttons "Find a psychologist" and "Login". If this is your first time on the site, we advise you to start by registering. 


Signing up is very easy. Follow this simple algorithm - it won't take much of your time:

  • Go to the registration page. You can do this through the button "Login" and then click "I'm the first time in the service" or through the buttons "Find a psychologist" or "View psychologist profiles";
  • On the registration page, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire. In it, note the problem (or problems) you are concerned about, indicate what is important to you in a psychologist (gender, age), convenient time for online consultations, your contact information. Keep in mind the site asks for your phone number, but don't worry, you only need it to create a personal account. You will not receive a call. In addition, all the personal information you provide when registering will remain anonymous and will never be shared with third parties.
  • After filling out the questionnaire, click "Select".
  • Now you will have access to the profiles of psychologists. You can choose the one that suits you best from the 545 available. 
  • Once a specialist has been chosen, therapy time can be scheduled.

Congratulations! You are registered on the Zigmund online platform. It's time to get acquainted with the rest of the site. By scrolling down the home page you will see a lot more useful and interesting information that will help you to expand your horizons and give you various food for thought.

Topical articles

Zigmund Online collaborates with well-known Internet portals such as T-G, Snob, Rusbase, and others, and from time to time publishes interesting articles on psychology and more. For example, the Internet magazine "Knife" published an article in which Daniel Chaus, the founder of Zigmund online, talks about where to find urgent free psychological support and how to find a good psychologist online. 

On the platform, you will find links to third-party sites with these articles.

Information about the work and benefits of the platform

In today's world, online services are becoming more and more popular. This includes the services of a psychotherapist. Consultations are anonymous, convenient in time and not tied to a specific place, city or even country. On the homepage you will find information about other advantages of online therapy and what kind of problems Zigmund Online psychologists can help you with.

Zigmund online specialists

By scrolling further down the page you will learn what criteria are used to select psychologists who consult on the Zigmund Online platform. Here we note that the site cooperates only with professionals, all candidates undergo a rigorous selection process.

How does the selection of a psychologist take place?

Here you can read information about algorithms of individual selection of a specialist.

Special Offer

A little more down and an attractive offer awaits you, which should help you decide on your first session.

How it all works

4 easy steps from your first visit to an online psychotherapy session. 

Some more important information

Zigmund online makes psychotherapy convenient. How? Read the information in the corresponding section and see for yourself!

Customer reviews

Zigmund.Online is one of the fastest-growing platforms for online psychology classes in Russia. During its existence, the portal has received and is receiving hundreds of grateful reviews, some of which, with users' permission, are available for review on the home page of the site.


Near the bottom of the home page you will find a section with the most frequently asked questions and the answers.

Contact info

If you still have questions, you can contact the specialists of the site via Telegram, Messenger or WhatsApp.

If you need urgent psychological help

In emergency situations, we strongly recommend that you do not wait and seek urgent psychological help, using one of the phone numbers listed in this section.

Here you will find the telephone numbers of the Moscow Psychological Assistance Service, the Independent Psychiatric Association of Russia, the Children's Helpline of the MGPPU, and the Psychological Assistance Hotline of the Russian Emergency Ministry.

Let's move on. And we move on to the tab "Approaches in Psychotherapy.

Approaches in psychotherapy

In this section you will find a treasure trove of useful information. Psychotherapy is a conversation with yourself, a one-on-one meeting with your thoughts and feelings. 

There are a large number of approaches in psychotherapy, each of which is capable of favorably influencing the outcome of a situation. 

The problems with which people seek advice from a psychologist are very, very individual, respectively, and the psychologist's approach to each client will be different. But in order for psychotherapy to be the most successful experts emphasize three main factors. You can learn about them in this section of the site.

In addition, you can learn more about the following approaches in psychotherapy here. Namely psychoanalytic therapy, transactional analysis, systemic family therapy, existential therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, Gestalt therapy, client-centered therapy, Jungian analysis, coaching, art therapy, non-rational approach, psychodrama. 

With general information about the different approaches to psychotherapy, it will be easier for you to find the psychologist with whom you feel most comfortable.

By clicking on the tab for each type of psychotherapy approach, you can learn general information about the approach, what it is about, and how classes are conducted when it is used. 

The main thing to remember is that all approaches are effective and work. You can choose the one that you think is most suitable for you. 


The next tab on Zigmund.Online is a selection of psychological tests online.

The tests presented on the platform are compiled by professional psychologists and are aimed at ensuring that the person passing them will be able to independently determine the level of the situation that is troubling him. Of course, the result of the test cannot be considered a diagnosis, but passing this type of survey can help to understand yourself and determine the direction in which to go first with a psychologist. 

In addition to their usefulness, psychological tests often have an entertaining and relaxing function - after all, they are very popular, including among people who do not have psychological problems. 

To date, you can find the following psychological tests on the platform:

  • test for the presence of seasonal depression;
  • crisis adaptability test in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • test for types of loneliness;
  • a test for chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • a test to detect digestive disorders;
  • a test to identify the causes of excess weight (what are you eating?);
  • Anxiety test;
  • stress coping questionnaire;
  • procrastination test;
  • a test to diagnose professional burnout;
  • Diagnostics of the level of emotional burnout;
  • test for the presence of postpartum depression;
  • test for tendency to autoaggression;
  • OCD test;
  • an express test of self-esteem;
  • a test to determine the level of self-confidence;
  • Beck Depression Scale;
  • test for stress or depression;
  • a test to determine the level of self-esteem;
  • self-assessment of mental states;
  • Zung's test to determine the level of depression.

Each test contains information about the main characteristics of the problem the test is designed to identify. The tests themselves consist of an average of 20 questions. One test takes a few minutes to complete.

Take the tests that interest you and see if your expectations match reality.

Remember, taking tests is never a substitute for talking to a specialist!


In this tab you will find an entertaining blog about psychology and self-development.

The articles on this blog can help you understand some of the situations that are happening to you or your loved ones at the moment. In addition to general information, many of the articles contain valuable practical tips that you can implement in your daily life to improve it.

All the articles in the blog are divided into thematic groups, which makes it easier to find the material that is of interest to you.

The articles are grouped into the following thematic groups:

  1. "Being Yourself. Here you can find useful information on how to cope with anxiety or phone addiction, read tips on how to become more confident, or find a job you want to do. Examples of articles from the group under the "Being Yourself" tag: 
  • "I get nervous even if the coffee runs away" How do you deal with anxiety?
  • What is a personality disorder?
  • Trends in Psychology 2021.
  1. "Being a Parent. The articles in this group are in one way or another related to parenthood and problems with the relationship between children and parents.

Read articles on this difficult topic under the following headings:

  • "I don't want to! I won't! I don't love you!" The child has a crisis of three years: how to survive?
  • How to help yourself in the first year of a child's life?
  • I'm afraid I won't have a life of my own when the baby is born. How to overcome my fear.
  1. "Being at Work." Many people face stress and psychological pressure at work. They suffer from depression, do things they don't like, and are afraid to change things. Read how to overcome a work-related crisis in the following articles:
  • How to ask your boss for a raise and a raise
  • "I hate this job." How to cope with emotional burnout
  • I can't go on vacation for the fourth time in a row. I'm afraid everything will fall apart without me. How do I allow myself to take a vacation?
  1. "Being with your loved ones. What to do if your loved one has a psychological disorder? Read the answers to this and other questions in the articles combined in this topic. 

Examples of articles:

  • My acquaintance has an autism spectrum disorder. What is the right way to communicate with him?
  • "My loved one died-a part of me went with him. How to move on after the death of a dear person?
  • Long Distance Relationships: How to Survive a Long Separation?
  1. "Being a Student." Many people remember being a student as the most carefree and fun time. But not everyone is so lucky. Often students face severe stress, which can lead to other more serious consequences.

Examples of articles:

  • "Get your diploma and do whatever you want": how do you tell your parents that you're going to quit university?
  • How to survive a session: asking for support, thinking about a global goal, celebrating successes.
  • How to survive a session: make a plan for preparation and listen to your feelings.
  1. "Being a Teenager. During adolescence, many young people face the harsh realities of life, they often have misunderstandings and conflicts in the family, school, experience their first disappointments in friends and love, and all this comes down on them in the most psychologically unstable period of their lives. How not to lose your mind can be found in the following articles:
  • "Can I go to therapy without parental permission?" Answering 10 questions about child therapy.
  • I have a bad relationship with the teacher at school. What can I do to make him annoy me less?
  • "Mom, Dad, Stop It": How to Live If Parents Fight All the Time

Articles from the Zigmund.Online blog can help you sort out some issues and understand in what direction to go next, but if you feel that your psychological state is unstable it is better to immediately contact a specialist. 


The "Psychologists" tab is for professionals in the field of psychology who would like to join the Zigmund.Online team.

By joining the team, psychologists can get a stable but remote job. But keep in mind that not everyone is hired. According to statistics, only 2 people out of 10 fully fit the strict requirements of the portal.

In the tab "Psychologists" you will find information about what requirements Zigmund.Online has for job applicants, what job benefits you can get, how to start cooperation. 

In addition, you can read reviews of people who have already worked with Zigmund.Online, as well as find answers to the most common questions from job seekers.

And finally

In addition to all of the above, you can find the following information on the Zigmund.Online website:

Contacts. By opening the tab in contact you can choose a convenient way to contact the administrators of the platform. In the same tab you will find the details of the company.

As well as the following documents:

Terms of Use of the site by the user.

Contract for the services of a psychologist.

User Data Policy.

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