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Work experience

For about 3 years I have been working in a project of psychological assistance for teenagers "Helping Hand", 5 years - in the center of social assistance for families and children and in a charity organization "SOS Children's Villages". For more than a year I have been working with victims of violence in the "Unbearable" project.
Adults, teenagers and couples can come to me.

More than 7 years of experience

Nice to meet you!
My name is Kazakova Anna, I am a clinical psychologist and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist.
I graduated from St. Petersburg State University, majoring in clinical psychology, in 2014, and have been studying ever since.
Here's a short list of courses I've taken at different times:
2022 - "Psychological Counseling in the Cognitive-Behavioral Approach. Advanced course," Psychological Center "Quality of Life".
2022 "Therapy for the Effects of Sexualized Violence,
Alyona Kazantseva.
2021 - "Social and Psychological Counseling" at the Institute for Psychotherapy and Addiction Counseling.
2021 - "Working with Traumas of Violence in Relationships," Tatiana Orlova, ANO "Neterpi
2020 г. - Fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Quality of Life Psychological Center.
2020 г. - Seminar "Dependence - co-dependence: principles of helping people with addiction problems and their loved ones" at the Information and Counseling Center on Violence and Dependent Behavior.
2020 г. - Training program for psychologists to work with domestic violence at the "Violence.net" center.
2019 - "Psychological Assistance for Victims of Violence" workshop at the Violence and Dependent Behavior Information and Counseling Center.
2018 г. - "Methods of Art Therapy in Psychological Counseling," SPbGIPSR.
2017 г. - "Emergency Psychological Assistance", Harmony Institute of Psychotherapy and Counseling.
2016 г. - "Narrative Approach in Psychological Counseling," Vyacheslav Moskvichyov.
2016 г. - Seminar "Diagnosis and Therapy of Attachment Disorders," Psychotherapy and Training Guild.
2016 г. - "Working with Early Trauma in Body Therapy," Sunny Wind Psychotherapy Center
2016 г. - "DPDG - a method of desensitization and processing of trauma through eye movements," Psychotherapy and Training Guild
2015 г. - "Body Therapy. Phenomenological and existential approaches in work with the body", Institute of Practical Psychology "Imaton".

Here are the problems I can help with:

  • domestic violence
  • life crisis
  • grief, loss
  • depression, apathy
  • anxiety, fears
  • Difficulties with self-esteem
  • difficulties in relationships with a partner/children/parents/other people
  • Psychosomatics
  • internal conflict
  • difficulties in anger management
  • shame, guilt

At the sessions we will:

  • Explore your feelings and thoughts and beliefs;
  • Recycle the traumatic experience,
  • Looking for resources and supports.

My work style is very gentle. LGBTQ + Friendly.

I use methods and techniques from such psychotherapeutic approaches as: 

  • cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy ;
  • Narrative therapy ;
  • schema-therapy ;
  • reassessment counseling.

I would be happy to meet you!

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